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Big Bang Scrum or implementing Scrum in an organisation for all teams and projects at once is usually not very recommended. However, I just came back from a talk of Steve Greene at Stanford University. Steve was working at and now at Twitter and it looks like he made it work at both.

According to him, they actually called up Ken Schwaber in order to ask him if he would consult on that project. At that time they had around 300 developers. Ken refused with the comment Big Bang Scrum rollout at this size won’t work. So they had to do it them selves. Here is how they did it at

The Big Bang Scrum Rollout

  • They created an cross functional implementation team.
  • Team members participated in Scrum Master trainings outside the company.
  • They divided the development organisation in around 30 teams. Each with 6-10 team members.
  • They held numerous 1 hour meetings in order to explain the new methodology.
  • They used 3 sprints of 4 weeks in order to get their next release ready.
  • At further meetings everybody could attend but only committed team members were allowed to speak.
  • With the support of Parker Harris (CEO – they outlawed drive-bys (managers requesting extra features outside the regular development process).


The Results at

  • 94% increase in feature requests delivered
  • 38% increase in productivity/engineer
  • 61% reduction in release cycle time
  • 4X more releases to production
  • 89% of Development having fun at work
  • 94% would recommend methodology to others
Steve Greene Stanford University
Steve Greene about Big Bang Scrum at

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